These are the daily adventures and musings of a writer turned ambivalent housewife. I used to spend my days writing and editing for national magazines but these days I write grocery lists, notes to teachers and a column on Picky Eaters for Brooklyn Based. I never intended to be a stay at home mom and I am far from a professional chef, but I love cooking and now spend much of my days thinking, reading, fantasizing, shopping for and cooking dinner—usually while I pretend to have a large stake in the monster truck race going on in my living room. (“Go blue!”) Our home is a madhouse of balls, trucks, superheroes, power rangers, fighting, whining, laughing, crying. But I am determined—if only to stay somewhat sane— to become a great cook and to make an impressive, healthy, yummy dinner for my family every night (and maybe a few for my friends.) Even when the monsters are invading.