fast food

Maple Delivery, photo from

Food delivery. I think we will look back at the 2015 year as the year it all changed. Blue apron, munchery, plated. caviar, maple, trivet, and so many more starting every week now. People want good food, not takeout crap, delivered to their home and office in attractive, biodegradable packaging. They want an easy website ordering system, reliable and friendly delivery and they want a different healthy, yummy choice every day or week. They want organic, local and whole. They want to feel good about what they are eating even though it wasn't homemade. 

As someone who enjoys cooking for myself and family, I was skeptical. We are not a takeout family. But then I agreed to write about Trivet for Brooklyn Based and I was super impressed. Read my review here. Then I got a free trial for Blue Apron-free food, can't pass it up. And I was also surprisingly impressed. Then Michael started ordering from Maple for lunch and he was beyond impressed. In fact, it's all he ever eats for lunch now. Then he started bringing home Maple deliveries for dinner and now it's all we talk about. 

I'm kind of fascinated by this New York phenomenon and eager to see where it goes next or if it implodes with too many competitors. Will people stop cooking? Will they start cooking? Is it really cooking? I am really giving this a lot of thought....which is why I have not recently blogged about my own cooking. Or something like that.