veggie wars continued

The vegetable wars reared their ugly head again this week. Nate refused to eat his cucumber at dinner which for some reason threw Michael into a tailspin. And he's not wrong-one small piece of peeled cucumber?! Come on. But this is a power struggle for Nate and we wound up taking away all of his toys (they are hiding in the bathtub) and then sending him to bed. Of course lots of crying ensued and we had a sad evening until we all talked and made up. Then just as we were settling in for a happier night night, Mack who had been an angel, threw up all over the wall.

Some nights are just terrible so we all cuddled on Nate's new twin bed and reminisced about how terrible the night was. Then Mack got excited, reached out and punched me in the nose.

The next day Michael and I decided to postpone the vegetable war indefinitely.