chicken stew vs nap

Yesterday I remembered a recipe from Cooks Illustrated for “the best” chicken stew and bought some chicken thighs in anticipation of making it. Then I got home and read the recipe more carefully which calls for using chicken wings (in addition to thighs) to create the gelatin thickening agent. I’m sure it would be delicious. But I’m not a fan of chicken wings-one of the few foods which kind of grosses me out, and the recipe looked super complicated. So I opted for Cook’s not “best” but “classic” chicken stew, promising myself that as soon as I had a little more time, I would make the chicken wing version. Then I started to think about what a little more time would look like in my life and I envisioned myself taking a nap. 

So we’ll see. It’s a goal and that’s what this blog is all about. Getting me to try new things, learn new things, cook even when my world seems to be conspiring against it.