ribs without the rub

Alright stop the slow cooker presses. I have found the perfect use for my slow cooker (and believe me, this was not easy.) One word: Ribs.

You always have to cook them low and long so why not cram them into the slow cooker, pour sauce on them and come back 8 hours later? Finally, the slow cooker that is supposed to make cooking easier and more delicious is living up to its rep.

I used Meat Hook BBQ sauce which is probably a lot less sweet than the store brands. I literally poured it on top of the rack. After about 7-8 hours, I removed the ribs and quickly broiled them (1-2 minutes) to get the outside crispy. Inside, they were falling off the bone.

The only difficult part of this is planning ahead: deciding what you are going to make for dinner while you are eating breakfast. Ok, maybe not so difficult. Especially if you're Jewish.