Valentine's Day Gift Bags!


What says love better than beef jerky? Do everyone a favor and heat up this Hallmark holiday with a gift your lovers can really sink their teeth into. A large jar of savory and slightly spicy beef jerky (homemade so nothing like the bland plastic-like store-bought kind) plus a side of funky dark chocolate bark with spicy mango and pepitas—wrapped in roses and a cute tote. Make this V-day spicy—and a little sweet. Order now and I’ll deliver it to your honey in time for Valentine’s Day!

jammin' now

making cherry chutney

I'm learning that mush is good. Fruits and veggies cooked down with lots of good flavor is a wonderful thing. For example, two of the latest creations (which both are amazing accompaniments to grilled meat, sandwiches or cheese)...

And an onion jam which starts with bacon nothing bad can happen.